Le Rwanda : Singapour ou Corée du Nord d’Afrique ?

Kigali parmi le top 12 des régimes les corrompus – Tabloïd britannique

Les tabloïds britanniques sont réputés pour ne faire dans la nuance, la rigueur ou le politiquement correct. En voilà un nouvel exemple qui ne sera certainement pas fort apprécié à Kigali.


UK aid: £66m a year

This tiny central African nation has become an aid darling despite the bloodstained reputation of its iron man leader Paul Kagame and assassinations of rivals abroad.

The prickly president says corruption ‘kills a nation’. Yet he has two £30 million private jets (that have been lent to his friend Tony Blair) and a sprawling countryside estate.

When visiting New York he stayed in a swanky hotel costing £12,000 a night — a sum that would take the average Rwandan two decades to earn. Wife Jeannette is said to be the business brain in the household. »

The Dirty Dozen: As the furore over Britain’s foreign aid grows, we reveal the corrupt and brutal tyrannies propped up by YOUR money

Sur Facebook un ancien journaliste de la BBC et de l’Orinfor-Télévision Rwandaise (oui c’est le même qu’ il y a deux jours) qui s’émerveillait de l’efficacité du système rwandais s’est vu « rectifier » par un de ses amis de Facebook dont la description du Rwanda fait plus penser à la Corée du Nord qu’à Singapour.

Des points de vie diamétralement opposés !

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4 commentaires pour Le Rwanda : Singapour ou Corée du Nord d’Afrique ?

  1. Kassim Kayira dit :

    Kassim Kayira sur sa page Facebook

    I just came back from Rwanda and say what you like against them, their system works! I was amazed to see a local area fundraising to buy pick up trucks that carry their garbage, to raise money for the construction of local roads and govt came in to top up these efforts with equipment and expertise. Neighbourhood policing is working that the police has been left to handle the ‘big issues.’ Kimirinko now is thriving. Performance targets are set for each district and competition to be the best has allowed evolution of good service delivery and implanting of a culture of good service delivery. I was shocked to learn that in my local area in entebbe, an investor wagagai wanted to Tarmac our road from bayita to his factory in kasenyi and the local authorities refused as they would get no kickbacks from it. Result? Potholed frustration. It all has to start with mindset!

    La reaction de son pote Facebook Charles Kambanda

    Kassim Kayira, I beg to different. I believe we should distinguish between traits of the oppressed and patriotism.

    What you call a system that works in Rwanda is but people’s reaction towards the oppressor/excessive fear / terror. Social psychologists have written widely about this.

    There is no free will in those activities you saw Rwandans engage in. There is no free will for most people you saw « contributing » money for  » development »

    My friend, I was involved in lots of national research projects; I went to different parts of Rwanda. I spoke to a cross-section of Rwandans bout all issues. I can testify that on top of the abject poverty and the related problems a very big portion of Rwanda deal with, Rwandans are generally terrified. The junta can eliminate anybody at anytime for any reason or no reason; it’s horrific.

    The « system » is built on terror!  » You don’t do what you are told to do and you are gone ». Yes, people know that.

    Consider, for example, a person with 8 children earning less than 50,000 francs. He or she Must go for compulsory night patrol for 5 days a week. The man and all his children 20yrs and above must go for these patrols. I hope you know that some people are beaten to death because they did not go for night patrols.

    A person who has done night patrols the whole week could be herded into  » community » work on Saturday starting 8 am until well around 2pm. That person is probably among those that were giver 4 years of hard labor everyday for what’s called  » their involvement » in Tutsi genocide.

    On top of that hard labor and night patrol, the same person have to pay compulsory  » health insurance  » money or else he’s thrown behind bars if not beaten, sometimes to death. The same person has to find money to  » contribute » for Agaciro fund, among other countless contributions.

    It’s an exploitative system with specialized  » foremen » to herd the ordinary people into what you call a  » working » system.

    Kagame’s reign of terror is  » well organized  » from his own office to the lowest cell of society. Yes, it might appear to work. However, when it explodes, you will be surprised to see the terrorized destroying everything you call  » development » in Rwanda under Kagame.

    Kagame is the only beneficiary of his reign of terror and he knows it. He know that because he has set each individual or group or family against the other , using terror, if he’s kicked out the  » system » will explode.

    One of the critical issue about removing Kagame is how do you build a system that will protect Rwandans in Rwanda when – mark my words WHEN not if – you remove him.It’s not that it’s impossible to remove him.

    I do not want to question anybody’s judgment. However, how to you explain phenomenon that Kagame terrorizes all institutions, including him army and you talk about a  » working system »? Which system? Yes, terror  » works » for the terrorist. That’s it.

    People have to  » contribute » money for security, health, agaciro, etc…Good. Where does the money go? Well, Kagame is $500 million net worth. Kagame is richer than all US ex-president (4 of them) and Obama put together. Obama is mere $12 million net worth, including all the money he made with his wife in private legal practice and teaching at Harvard’s. The world bank just warned that Rwanda does not have enough reserve to run the country for at least 3 months!!! Do you know the scary total external debt of Rwanda? Each of the 3 dolars Rwansa uses, 2 dollars is borrowed money and, unfortunately, dinars have tried their back on Rwanda. You might want to read the secret Minister of Finance  » defense » at the World Bank. Is that what u call a working system?

    Really Kassim Kayira, is Rwanda one of those countries where you want to live as it is under Kagame? Really?

    Charles Kambanda

  2. Willy Rukundo dit :

    Charles is driven by a demon of hatred which blinds his mental faculty!

  3. I would rather you went for issues than attacking the person, Willy Rukundo, that’s the faculty of reason dictates. I am unfamiliar with what you call  » mental » faculty. Is that in epistemology?

    I numbered the segments of my argument. Kindly attack any or all segment(s) of my argument. Attacking the person isn’t my thing.

  4. Willy Rukundo dit :

    What u call arguments are mere fabrications that u dress what u call « research ». But what Im saying as a proud Rwandan living in umudugudu, is that whatever we do, we do it out of convinction. « Akimuhana kaza imvura ihise. Kandi n’igihe twapfaga haba imbere mu gihugu abandi mu buhunzi ntawadutabaye. Nitwe twafashe iyambere twikimurira ibibazo. And that has created among banyarwanda of good will towards Rwanda, to be self reliant in each and everything. Period. So u may try to confuse those that don’t know the facts on ground. But forget those that are here and know where they were before 1994 and where they are today. When we talk of sharp decline in both martnal and infant motality rates-isn’t due to compulsory medical insurance to all that u are tying to demonise? When we talk of life expectancy that has gone from 36yrs in 1994 to 64yrs in 2015, isn’t it the functioning health system, improvement in nutrition, economic growth with thousands dragged out of abject poverty in the past 5yrs that u are trying to say are all results of dictatorial regime? I wish Rwanda had had such « dictatorship » since 1962 when we got the so called independence!!!
    Give credit where it’s due if u are so called arguments are based on facts Mr. Charles Kambanda

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